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This site's main language is Italian. There's some content in English, though, since I have translated some pages and stories. If you register as an authenticated user (a very simple and completely free process), you can choose to have the site's interface translated in English.

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Mexican Standoff

This is the game my team created in less than 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 2015. We have improved it a bit and published it in a version that can be played from the browser.

Against frugality

It is just too easy to blame industrialism and economic development as such for the problem of global warming. This reactionary stance is irresponsibly spread by organisations and individuals of various political leanings and has often leaked into the ranks of left-wing or progressive organisations, especially by means of the jargon of the anti-globalisation movement. Among several anti-globalisation theoreticians, the Gospel of Zero Growth or even negative growth has become quite fashionable.


Three pieces of legislation affecting digital freedom have recently raised big controversies in the US and the rest of the world: SOPA, PIPA and ACTA. I would like to introduce the subject of this article, online liberties and repression, on a personal note. I just had two interesting, if unpleasant, direct experiences somehow related to this matter.

Italy: Political crisis as the bourgeoisie prepares to dump Berlusconi

The government of Silvio Berlusconi could well fall soon. Although it is a right-wing conservative government, the serious bourgeoisie are of the opinion that – in the face of workers’ and students’ mobilisations - it is not capable of implementing sufficiently harsh austerity measures that they feel the crisis of capitalism requires. The process leading to the possible collapse of the right-wing government elected in 2008 started more than one year ago.

The December 12th general strike in Italy

The struggle against the Berlusconi government in Italy has entered a new phase with the general strike called by the main trade union confederation, CGIL, which was held on December 12th. After several months characterised by a broad mobilisation of the youth and some layers of workers against privatisations and cuts in the school and university system, the working class has started to put its mark on the situation, coming out in force.

Italy: the struggle moves onto a higher level

We reported in a previous article on the development of mass movements confronting the Berlusconi government in Italy. In the last few weeks the struggles have gained further momentum, in what appears to be a handbook example of the unfolding of class struggle.

Italian workers and students are fighting back: "We won’t pay for your crisis!"

In April, Silvio Berlusconi’s victory in the general elections was hailed as a crushing defeat for the Left and the labour movement in Italy. Many were those who claimed that the class struggle was off the agenda for some time to come. Berlusconi himself had this same illusion.

The Battle of Chile

These are the reviews, published on In Defence of Marxism and Hands Off Venezuela, of the three parts of Patricio Guzmàn's film The Battle of Chile (La batalla de Chile) screened in London in 2008. I've been responsible for this series of screenings during Autumn 2008.

Letter from Nazareth about the role of the Catholic Church in Venezuela

We received an interesting letter from a reader of Marxist.com, an ex-minister of the Catholic Church, about the case of Nixon Moreno. Nixon is the leader of a Venezuelan right-wing students' movement. He has been "studying" for 12 years at the Los Andes University (Merida) where he set up his movement called M-13.

Who pays the opposition students in Venezuela?

It is not true that US imperialism does not help the Third World! One of its agencies, the Cato Institute based in Washington DC, just signed a cheque for $500,000 (yes: half a million bucks!) to a young Venezuelan. Yon Goicoechea has been awarded the "Milton Friedman Liberty Prize", for his merits in the promotion of "Individual Liberty, Free Markets, and Peace".

Help desks that suck

I decided to publish an example of a help desk that sucks. This example is about the previous host of this website. Working as a developer in the IT industry, asymmetric information is a constant challenge when relating to coworkers, bosses, customers, external contributors etc. You don't know what the others know, and they don't know if you really know what you pretend to know.

The high priests of the European Central Bank

When conservative Western commentators want to expose some "Third-World regime" involved in a conflict with one of the more powerful capitalist countries such as the United States, Britain or France, very often they use a journalistic device, that of the unelected interfering villain.

The decline and fall of Romano Prodi exposes the rottenness of Italian capitalism

The centre-left government led by Romano Prodi was put out of its misery on the night of January 24th, when a vote of confidence was lost by five votes in the Italian Senate. This represents yet another step in the deepening of the never-ending Italian crisis.

Meeting with an Iraqi leftist

I've been invited to a public meeting with Faris Mahmood, a leading member of the Worker-Communist Party of Iraq. The WCPI is a relatively small group (at least, if compared to the mainstream, collaborationist Iraqi Communist Party) but with a revolutionary attitude. There I had to deliver a short speech.

Ted Grant is dead

Ted GrantJuly 20th, 2006. In the afternoon I went to Genoa. Exactly five years have passed since the killing of Carlo Giuliani (a young anti-capitalist demonstrator) by the Italian bourgeois state during the protests against the G8 summit. The assassination of this young man was a turning point in the consciousness of a whole generation of Italian left-wing youth.

Why is the night sky not bright?

Dear comrades,

I agree with Harry Nielsen's reply to some criticisms of Alex Nichols on the article Crisis in Cosmology. But I feel there is one point that does deserve a more decisive counter-argument: the Olbers' paradox.

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