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Italy: Political crisis as the bourgeoisie prepares to dump Berlusconi

The government of Silvio Berlusconi could well fall soon. Although it is a right-wing conservative government, the serious bourgeoisie are of the opinion that – in the face of workers’ and students’ mobilisations - it is not capable of implementing sufficiently harsh austerity measures that they feel the crisis of capitalism requires. The process leading to the possible collapse of the right-wing government elected in 2008 started more than one year ago.

The Battle of Chile

These are the reviews, published on In Defence of Marxism and Hands Off Venezuela, of the three parts of Patricio Guzmàn's film The Battle of Chile (La batalla de Chile) screened in London in 2008. I've been responsible for this series of screenings during Autumn 2008.

The decline and fall of Romano Prodi exposes the rottenness of Italian capitalism

The centre-left government led by Romano Prodi was put out of its misery on the night of January 24th, when a vote of confidence was lost by five votes in the Italian Senate. This represents yet another step in the deepening of the never-ending Italian crisis.

Ted Grant is dead

Ted GrantJuly 20th, 2006. In the afternoon I went to Genoa. Exactly five years have passed since the killing of Carlo Giuliani (a young anti-capitalist demonstrator) by the Italian bourgeois state during the protests against the G8 summit. The assassination of this young man was a turning point in the consciousness of a whole generation of Italian left-wing youth.

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